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TAKE ACTIONS in your Life! Don't wait till tomorrow! We give away all this intriguing information. As we provide you with prominent articles and examining the courses online will spare you time and money. The right MINDSET is fundamental, to begin with. We won't give you a magic wand and hope for the best. Take care of our HEALTH is necessary to succeed and keep moving forward. Work all the time on our PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT will take us to the next level, becoming our Dreams. We call this the TRIANGLE  that includes our MINDSET, HEALTH & SELF DEVELOPMENT. If you know how to take care of these three important elements, you will live a successful Life


The DIGITAL WORK CAFE is open for all types of suggestions. The creations of different ideas, networking, and finding answers for you is our passion. We read many amazing Blogs and invest time and money in diverse programs. A FREELIFESYLE or a LAPTOP LIFE is what we wish for most of you. Thinks about connecting with professionals and sharing your passion while sitting in a Cuban Cafe. It's just an example of what your life can look like. Not everybody has the same dreams, but we all have important GOALS. The Digital Work Cafe will be sharing your thoughts and questions on POSTS and VIDEOS. We will be all part of a DIGITAL TEAM that brings a future for all of us. Let's work together and change People's lives NOW! 


SAY IT, MY FUTURE! When was the last time you looked in a mirror and asked yourself, "Is this THE LIFE I WANTED"? Many answers are NO, but what can I do? I have to pay my bills and don't have more time. Start with changing your MINDSET. "Nobody owns you anything, and you don't owe anybody." As a child, we had to obey, and we had to learn things we are never going to use; we had to forget about our passions because a 9 to 5 job is the best thing that will keep us HAPPY. Why take a RISK when your parents/ teachers showed you how it's done. We don't know what tomorrow brings; let's only concentrate on TODAY. Find a way to make an Income, live your life freely and enjoy most of your time with your FAMILY and FRIENDS. You can be the Richest Person on earth, but you can't buy TIME!

Need Help?

Here you will find help from Professionals around the World. If you need an Extra Push or just need more Confidence in yourself, please contact our in-house Coach. Peter Plum is a Certified Coach that can help you find yourself and a strategic plan so you keep moving forward towards your Goals. If you want to know more about our Articles or Courses we have tested you just need to contact us. It's always great when our Members subscribe so we can keep on growing and expand our important knowledge.

Geicy Duarte Silva

One of our favorite from Home Working Mums helps us with the right context and ideas for other Home-Staying Mothers. With kids and a Husband that take a lot of her time, she gets stronger and willing to Grow professionally. Geicy has traveled around Europe and some parts of the World. Now spends most of her time with Family and Friends. Help other people to get a more Comfortable Life and connect with their Passion is her mission.

Peter Plum

Life Coach, Digital Marketer & Investor. A proactive & solutions-focused Certified ICF Coach. Listening and providing others with the right questions creates a fantastic Coach & Client relationship. A Digital Marketer enjoys working with people and help others succeed. Have an office Around The World to spend more time with my Family, Travel, and have an Income online. An Investor in stocks & small projects for the future of my family, friends, and people in need.


"I have had the pleasure of knowing Peter 5 years ago. Peter is intelligent and highly motivated to work in a group and alone. His technical skills are brilliant, has deep and experience knowledge, is always focused to get clients satisfaction. Very positive attitude towards work."

— J Gabriel
Sales & Marketing manager.

"Peter is a creative and energetic person, as well as a great organizer! Very attentive and understanding the needs of the clients. Furthermore, he is a great person to know- always bursting with enthusiasm and goodwill!"

— M Tovarac
Sales department

"Outstanding professional, serious, meticulous and a long etc of the qualities Peter has, each time he always manages to surprise me. He manages the impossible, you name it. Motivated and optimist he outstands himself in every case."

— A Antoni


"Peter is a highly knowledgeable Advisor & Coach. He has enormous experience. Nobody should investigate anymore. He is the one to go to."

— R van Iperen
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