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The internet is awash with people who made it from scratch. We are not talking of the likes of the extraordinary Jeff Bezos or other tech billionaires. People like you and I decided they need to eke a life on the internet, and they made it big.

Here is one of the five people (read our next Articles) that will inspire you to get your online business up and running.

About Jon Morrow

The story of Jon Morrow is unique. Here is a guy who can’t move anything more than his eyes and his lips. He lives in a wheelchair, yet that doesn’t stop him from starting several online businesses successfully

Unlike most of us who can type several tens of words per minute and then walk around catching the evening breeze, Jon speaks into a microphone while in his wheelchair. But that doesn’t wear down his spirits or even stop him from traveling.

How Did He End Up on a Wheelchair?

Jon Morrow was born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy. It is a condition that causes the muscle tissue to waste away and eventually stop functioning. In theory, he wasn’t supposed to live past his second year; at least, that is what the doctor thought.

Today, Jon Morrow is 38 years old. He defied all odds and lived past what the doctors and people thought was possible. He recounts in his blog, Unstoppable Me, that he has had pneumonia 16 times, had more than 50 broken bones, and he’s been in and out of doctors’ offices all his life.

Before he was the successful blogger he is today, Jon was stuck in the U.S., paying $120,000 through Medicaid every year to get treatment. Life was challenging, so he hatched an idea to move to Mexico and cut back his medical expenditure from $120,000 to $18,000.

How Did Jon Start an Online Business?

Jon is a blogger. He runs his affiliate marketing business, teaching people how to get started and make it online. His company, Smart Blogger, formerly Boost Blog Traffic, gets hundreds of thousands of unique visitors every month.

When he started out, he approached an upcoming blog, Copyblogger, and asked to work for them for free. In return, his bosses at Copyblogger were to owe him a favor, which he would collect when he was ready. Over the two years he worked at Copyblogger, Jon helped grow the numbers for the blog. Today, Copyblogger is one of the most successful blogs in the world. As he worked for the online magazine, he came up with a plan to move to Mexico to cut back his medical expenses and to start a consulting business.

When his plan was ready, he approached his bosses at Copyblogger and asked them to help him find clients for his business, and they agreed. He did a guest post on Copyblogger that has since garnered millions of views. Through this post, he had his first batch of clients, and his schedule was fully booked.

With nothing more than his computer, he started life in Mexico as an online consultant. When Neil Patel was starting KISSmetrics, he hired Jon to help him launch it the right way, and Jon was there to grow it even as he ran his blog.

Jon Morrow on Not Giving Up

Jon has been through one tragedy after another. In 2006, he was in a horrible car accident that made his life worse than it was before. His minivan was hit by a car, and he ended up hospitalized for a month. When he was let out of the hospital, his bill was about $130,000, and the offender’s insurance would only pay $20,000. To make it worse, the doctors said he needed more than a year of recovery before he could do any work or go to school.

It was easy for him to sink into despair, but he didn’t. Instead, he faced his problems head-on, and he went on to start Smart Blogger.

About Smart Blogger

Smart blogger is a site that teaches people how to get paid to write, how to make money online, and how to start and run a successful blog. It is a blog for bloggers. He writes blog posts every week and holds webinars for his audience. He also has a few eBooks and online courses all geared to help people become better writers, earn more money online, and grew their online businesses.

On several posts on Smart Blogger, Jon insists on writing for the audience and not search engines. He says that an online business needs to identify the clients’ needs and then solve them amicably to get the results they desire.

From his affiliate marketing and the courses that he offers online, Jon is now a millionaire. His blog has more than 300,000 email subscribers and over four million readers and brings in more than $100,000 every month. He teaches people what he does best and loves; writing.

Smart Blogger runs a YouTube channel, but the channel is not half as popular as the blog. His webinars get hundreds of bloggers’ and online businesses’ interests.

the Life after a remarkable Succes Story

Today, Jon lives his best life in Mexico. He lives by the beach, working a few hours every day. He makes enough money to support his parents and has a team of nurses who care for him in his home. Plus, he makes time to travel.

He has featured on several online publications, including Forbes, and podcasts where he talks about blogging and online success. In one of the posts on Forbes, Jon says that the secret to his success is building an in-house team of motivated writers and researchers instead of outsourcing work to poorly motivated writers.

He has a team that keeps his online businesses moving. He doesn’t have to write to earn online today, but he never stops. The rapport he has with his audience helps him wake up and create content every day. If you read through Smart Blogger today, the tone and voice of the articles are almost the same no matter the author – that is something that Jon Morrow and his team have cultivated.

If you can walk, type with your hands, have no outstanding bills to meet, what stops you from making it online?

My guess, your Imagination and too many What Ifs

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