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Missy Ward is sassy and bold. The woman who defied the odds to create one of the largest affiliate businesses online. She is not the only woman going at it on online business, but she is one of the most successful.

Missy deserves a standing ovation for her charisma and relentless effort to be at the top in an industry dominated by males.

Who is Missy Ward?

Missy is a mother and an AC/DC fan. She lived an ordinary life, working a nine to five job before she said she wanted more. For more than 15 years now, Missy has spent her life helping online businesses grow through her affiliate summit and working as an affiliate consultant for these businesses.
Although she had a humble beginning online, Missy held large positions before she ventured online. She was the Director of PR for Media Breakaway LLC and served as the Vice President of Partnership Marketing for the company eBound Strategies. She wanted the freedom that comes with running her own business, and she finally had her break.

In 2003, she co-founded Affiliate Summit. She worked with Shawn Collins to create events that provided education for affiliate marketers. The summit also sought to develop a network of affiliate marketers who would work together to make the industry better for everyone.
Back then, affiliate conferences were not welcome in many circles. Missy and Shawn competed with the only affiliate conference at the time, Affiliate Force, which was an annual cruise through the Caribbean. Missy and Collins were part of the organizing team, but due to some differences, they were laid off. Missy wanted to change how these events were handled, but the managers and other people did not like it, so they lost their jobs. After the April 2003 Affiliate Force Event, Missy and Collin decided to create their event.

Be the Best Version of You

The first event they held was in November 2003, and they attracted 200 people. They were hoping for a more significant number, but that did not demoralize them. They wanted to create another event where they’d teach people how to do content marketing and networking. The summit grew bigger and bigger until it was one of the largest affiliate conferences in the world. By 2011, the summit topped all other affiliate conferences and tradeshows in the world. They were receiving more than 5,000 attendees during their yearly events.
Every year, the event sells out, and some of the biggest names in internet marketing attend. Attendees include successful online business people such as John Chow and ShoeMoney.

Several Online Businesses Later

Miss Ward is an expert in affiliate marketing. She says that her goal is to help people grow their online businesses and be better at everything they do. She started her blog,, where she reaches out to online business people and shares her knowledge on running an online business.
She is the co-founder of FeedFront Magazine. This is the official magazine for the Affiliate Summit. The magazine shares valuable tips, resources, ideas, and opinions from several entrepreneurs and successful people. It is the magazine for “future entrepreneurs,” as its tagline goes. The idea behind it is to create the next generation of internet marketers.

She later went on and co-founded GeekCast.FM. It is a collection of some of the best podcasts worldwide for people who want to grow online. People can learn more about internet marketing, video marketing, social media, affiliate marketing, mobile marketing, and search engine marketing through podcasts.
Another business under her wings is AffStat Report. This is a business focused on creating reports for affiliate marketers. The business conducts research and analysis to create a report that affiliate marketers can use to better their strategies. Their stats are quoted by big businesses, such as Internet Retailer and Jupitermedia.

Many different approaches can take you far

In 2010, she co-founded VelocityNYC Press. It is still another business for internet marketers, and they did their first publication in January 2010. The idea behind this business was to create a platform that houses all the topics that online marketers face. Marketers online will benefit from resources on search engines and affiliate marketing.
Later, she created Affiliate Buyers Guide together with her business partners. This was created as a directory for companies and websites that do affiliate marketing. The businesses appear in categories. Here, marketers can search for affiliate programs, outsource program managers, search for SEO tips, tracking solutions, and consult affiliate marketing.

Another business she co-founded is It is a business that helps people who shop online and for American military families. The business gives away 20 percent of its commission to Operation Homefront.
There are so many other businesses that she has set up, including Signorina Wine, Revenews, and Because she helps companies start and run better, she has helped several people among her audience create better businesses.

Her Success

Through her businesses, Missy Ward can help millions of people every year. She received millions of readers and listeners to her blogs every month. Through her affiliate summit, she can help start and grow several businesses for affiliate marketers.
Today, she runs her schedule, working a few hours every day and dedicating the rest of the time to her family. To her, it is easier to start a second business once you have the first one running. She can run multiple companies because she gets help from her team.

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