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Live the Laptop Lifestyle like Mike Vestil

Mike Vestil is a Travel and Lifestyle influencer. There are so many of those today, and you’d wonder what makes him different. He rose from scratch, lost everything he had, and made more than $1 million in a year.

There is nothing about a scheme that gives people quick money here. No, he put in the work, and now he is among the most successful internet marketers. If you watch enough online content, you will come across Mike Vestil without ever searching his name.

Who is Mike Vestil?

Mike is in his twenties. He quit his full-time job because he wanted to travel the world. It sounds like a lame idea to leave a job, but Mike had a plan. His idea was to save enough money and go on an adventure. Before he started his YouTube channel and garnered more than 200k subscribers, he worked as a dental assistant with a schedule that ran for more than eight hours every day.

Although he made good money to live an average life, he wanted to have the time to enjoy his money and his life. Once he had saved enough money to start a business, he packed his ukulele and started on an adventure to see the world.

He started creating content to help people who wanted to start an online business and break free. He made several videos, online courses, and so many other materials to help people. Over the years, he has grown his following so much that he earns enough to sustain his life while he travels.

Mike Discloses that He and A Few Other YouTubers Make $1.5 Million Per Month.

Mike and three of his friends, all YouTubers, make $1.5 million every month. During a YouTube interview with these other YouTubers, he says that his idea of success online was to be recognized as a person who talks about personal development and helping people live a better life. Fortunately, he turned out to be the guy that makes a million bucks while assisting people in living their lives better.

The three other YouTubers all wanted to leave corporate life and be big in business, and today, they are significant in what they do.

How Did Mike Vestil Start?

Mike started working online in 2015. By then, he would do dropshipping on Shopify and make a few bucks. Dropshipping was not so popular, but the process was simple. He set up a shop and started finding buyers for his products. He connected with retailers, and his only challenge was to look for buyers.

He found it easy to just market products, process transactions, and earn a commission. He continued with this business until he was an expert in teaching others how to make money through dropshipping.

Later, Mike ventured into travel blogging. He wanted to share with people his journeys around the world. In 2016, when his business was starting to peak, the number of travel bloggers was still low, and he was ready to make money at it. People loved his content that his YouTube subscription grew from 0 to 50,000 in only a few months. This was the audience he needed to start making money online.

By this time, he was already an expert on online businesses. He found several ways to monetize his work on YouTube and his blog,, and revenue started streaming in. When Bitcoin began to peak in value, Mike invested and reaped big before the prices began fluctuating.

He documents everything he does with his businesses to help his followers create online businesses. Whether you want to influence or start a business online, there is some content for you.

Publishing a Book

In 2017, Mike published his first book, The Lazy Man’s Guide To Living The Good Life.

It is a book about starting an online business and running it towards success even when you do not have all day to manage it. It sells at $9.99 and is for people who want to start a business but do not know-how.

His book also teaches people how to Balance Love, Wealth, Health, and Happiness. He dedicates a massive part of the book to teach people how to create a healthy lifestyle. This includes initiating the body physique you want, creating enough income, and having positive relationships with people.

The book is a story about his life and a guide on life and business. Through this book, Mike has been able to grow his revenue significantly.

Internet Lifestyle Academy

Mike Vestil is an expert in passive income, and that is what he teaches people through his Internet Lifestyle Academy course. This course helps people make more money on the side to live the life they want. There are two topics to cover in this course; business cash flow and passive income.

Through the two courses, Mike teaches several topics, including networking, affiliate marketing, passive income sources, personal branding, building the right mindset, blogging, the life of an influencer, and dropshipping, among others.

There is always a fine print that one can buy when they need to study the courses at their own pace. He charges $497 for the course, and he makes a killing from it. Considering the cost of most lifestyle courses, his course might be one of the most affordable.

His Instagram and YouTube accounts help him earn even more. He is ever creating content on personal development, and his huge following keeps his bills paid.

What Can You Learn from a 28-Year-Old Entrepreneur?

Mike believes that for someone to be free, they need multiple sources of passive income. This is the income you get even when you do not work all day. Mike has been able to create that, and he helps people make the same for themselves. 

When do you want to be Free?

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