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Get to Understand your Personal Success

Many times we get invited to these talks and they have the solution for everything.

How is that possible?

People are very different from each other and that’s what makes it exciting.

Stop listening to people who say “ you should be the next …,”

It’s not about that.

We have been told to dream and make it happen.

What do we dream about?

Race Cars, Million dollar Houses, etc?

Was that really your dream or information you have received from the “Gurus”?

Take a moment and disconnect yourself from all of that.

Now write down some of your childhood dreams.

Are some of these dreams still important to you?

Where are you right now?

Now that you have some more information about yourself, maybe it’s a good moment to create a new route. 

Go step by step and if you fall (Struggle), just get back up.

You have done it so many times.

Sharing tools that can be used in your own life is essential.

Telling others how to use them is a challenge.

Find your way to Make Money

How do I get passed courses that won’t add value to me?

I see walls everywhere and no exits?

Feeling overwhelmed with so much information is normal.

Maybe you remember the old days when you only had one person who taught you how to pour a glass of wine, paint a wall or talk to a client.

Those days look like ages ago because now we have access to those “teachers” World Wide.

How can I take my part of the cake, without giving away a bakery?

By investing time and not too much money you can get very far.

Stop looking for excuses like; I don’t have time, It’s to difficult for me, but begin with finishing what you start.

Don’t forget that we learn more from what we don’t like then from what we do like. 

When we struggle we automatically think of a solution.

Next time take out your phone or notebook and write it down.

You will be surprised with the things you come up with.


  1. Affiliate marketing (commissions for sharing courses that worked for you)
  2. Online Sales (Amazon, Ebay, Shopify)
  3. Sell your expertise (Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, Jungleworks)
  4. Create videos of your Interest (Youtube)
  5. Sell what you have and didn’t use for a year and offer the same to others for a commission

I got to know Stuart from the SFM mentors course and found it very interesting. If you wish to find out more click here

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