How to Make Money Online with Google- Everything You Need to Know

How to Make Money Online with Google

Ads are often what is associated with making money on Google.  However,  their reach goes far beyond that of traditional banner or text advertising.  Depending on your talents and skill set, Google has many opportunities to generate extra spending money.

From Google AdSense in various forms to opinion rewards and surveys, Google has a monetization strategy to suit any skill set.  All the person needs to know is where to find it.

How to Make Money Online with Google

Google AdSense

The majority of websites utilize Google AdSense to generate additional income.  AdSense can either be very profitable or frustrating.  It all boils down to traffic volume and type of content.

Content is further dissected into two main categories: one that attracts new traffic and the other which sustains returning visitors.  While it is advisable to maintain a balanced mixture of both, many websites have a 40-60 split between new and returning visits.

To be successful, you want to be able to convert new visitors to returning traffic, which is where you will see most of your income as it takes several repetitions of an ad for someone to click on it just once.

Sites that are ideal for Google AdSense are:

  • Free online tools
  • Forums
  • Discussion boards
  • Niche social networks
  • Blogs
  • News sites

These suggestions do not comprise every site available. However, they have been deemed the most profitable and are easy to optimize with content, customizing layout with display content/ad clicks, and promote.

Google AdSense isn’t for every site, though. Niche sites may find it difficult to generate revenue.  AdSense works best for broader reaching sites or sites with popular topics.  Startups may additionally find it more challenging as they have yet to drive significant traffic.

However, if the site can be effectively SEO optimized and appeals to a broad range of individuals, AdSense can be a great way to generate revenue.

Text-Based/Linked Ads

Companies often incorporate different ad styles in promoting their products, which comes in the form of text-based ads, image ads (banners), and video content.

Text-based ads are similar to Google AdSense. Text linking allows for targeted content words to be linked back to products. Many layouts permit the user to highlight keywords and link them to companies which in turn generate revenue.

Text-based ads are just that- text-based, a text ad without pictures.  While people may not think that they are as visually appealing as banners, text ads can have a high click-through rate.

While the eye may not be immediately attracted to a text ad, the reality is that if it is properly positioned, people will read it.  We tend to read- or at least skim- words that come across our path.  It is a wonderfully passive way of getting people to click.

In establishing a text or linked ads, ensure that you have more content than ads.  Otherwise, you will appear to be more sales pitchy than authentic.  

Utilize Google Analytics in testing placement, number, and style of ads.  Try multiple placements (A/B placements) to determine where ads are the most effective.  See what works best with your audience.

AdSense Custom Search Ads

Sites with a high content (news sites, blogs, discussion boards, etc.) will benefit from AdSense Custom Search.  It benefits websites by permitting users to locate specific content on your website and aids in maximizing Google AdSense profits because it allows the website owner to show advertisements along with search results.

To use this, sites need to apply to get AdSense Custom Search on their website. 

Google AdSense for YouTube

Have you ever gone to your favorite YouTube channel and discovered you had to sit through 15 seconds or more worth of ads?

YouTube has been rapidly growing in popularity over the past few decades.  Almost everybody is on YouTube or utilizes YouTube in some way. 

If text-based ads or banner ads aren’t your “thing”, then video ads are sure to garner attention. 

All the individual has to do is create their video channel with appealing content.  Content must be unique and self-created.

Once you establish a channel, look for the YouTube channel’s features.  Then, turn on monetization, and it will escort you through the steps necessary to link the YouTube channel to the AdSense account.  Then, your videos are monetized!

After YouTube and AdSense are connected, you can select which videos you would like to monetize.  It will also allow you to determine what types of ads are shown to viewers. 

Click on Video Manager to select the videos to monetize and click on the ad settings for that particular video. From there, you can visit the Video Manager at any point to see how they are doing.

App Sales on Google Play

If you have tech skills, creating apps for Google Play can bring in serious revenue.  Google offers a platform to promote ideas on a global scale, which is what makes it so appealing monetarily.

Setting up a Google Wallet Merchant Account is the first step.  Individuals have to be at least 18 years old are to apply.  There is a $25 registration fee.

Apps are submitted to Google for testing, which ensures that it is ready to be released.  After testing, the app can be sold as a paid app.

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is a downloadable app on Google Play.  It allows users to earn rewards for participating in surveys. 

To begin, download the app.  Then, answer some introductory questions about yourself.  Finally, you will receive email notifications a few times per week about new surveys.

Completed surveys receive Google Play credits (usually about $1.00) or PayPal.  Surveys are a mix of opinion and review.

While Google Opinion Rewards appear to be a great idea, not all participants are selected for every survey.  It can be a very slow way to earn money.

Search Engine Evaluator

Search Engine Evaluators are ideal for work-at-home employment and permit users to get paid just by searching online.

The position entails ensuring that search engines such as Google are working optimally.  Search engines must find the most pertinent information to customers at all times.  Search Engine Evaluators analyze results generated from websites and gauge how useful they are.

If interested, Leapforce and Appen train people for this position.

Google Audience Measurement

Google Audience Measurement is very similar to Google Opinion in how it rewards users. The Audience Management team discovers your habits by monitoring your device.  It watches you browsing the internet, engaging in your favorite movie/television show, and how you use your device. 

They ask each participant, depending on the study, whether they are willing to participate.  Users can elect to opt-in or opt-out.

This is not a small-scale selection of panelists.  There may be hundreds or thousands of unique participants.  Users improve their odds of being selected if they regularly watch television or browse the internet.

It works by using the meter on an eligible device.  When you use the device, Google stores the data via cookies, apps, television shows, and sites you visit.

Google tries to ascertain what things are popular among panelists.  Additionally, they want to see what time of the day people engage in various activities. 

Points are credited per device.  Then, they are added to the individual’s account each Thursday.

Book Sales on Google

Creative minds can earn revenue by selling books through Google Play.  Google Play Book Partner program permits authors to make money from books/eBooks.  The downside is they are only accepting limited publishers.

Books need to be in PDF or EPUB format to be selected.  These formats allow for a more flexible text when reading.

Google does the hosting, sales, and distribution end of the book.  Users do receive ongoing sales reports.  An additional benefit is that authors keep most of the revenue.

By utilizing these different methods, most people can generate additional income online by using Google.  The amount received is dependent on which area the individual decides to utilize as some pay better than others.

Never underestimate your talents in any given area.  Some of the most amazing apps have come from the simplest ideas.  All the person has to do is fill a void.  The void may be inefficiencies, holes in parental controls, time spent engaged in activities, or ways to improve spending habits.

You never know what you will benefit the most from.  Plus, people love creativity, thinking outside of the box ideas.

Google has gone well beyond the traditional forms of advertising to incorporate various methods of increasing sales.  Website users now have multiple ways of generating revenue outside of traditional banner ads.  It is completely up to the end-user as to the effective ad placement.

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