Making Money Online and Understanding the Digital World

The world has changed from decades ago.  Long ago, department stores were the latest and greatest thing.  They offered the convenience of shopping for multiple items under one roof.  Fast forward to the next generation, and we see retailers struggling to survive post-COVID.

One can infer that these businesses had a difficult time embracing digital technology and shifting to a new way of selling in the digital age. Online businesses account for revenue increases.  There are fewer expenditures in terms of employees, maintaining a store, paying bills, etc. than an actual brick-and-mortar location, driving profits up.

Online shopping is not a new trend.  It has been around for some time.  However, after witnessing a virus put many locations into forcible lockdown, we have come to appreciate what digital stores have to offer: convenience.

Convenience moves people to shop online. They can purchase products from almost anywhere in the world and have them delivered directly to their door. 

Online shopping permits us to price shop within the comfy confines of our residence.  There are no masks to wear, social distancing skills to practice, and no fear of catching a potentially deadly virus. 

We don’t even have to dress up to go shopping!

The digital world does have its downside, however.  Identity theft and fraud are the most rising issues resulting from online activities.  While we try to prevent theft from happening and have safeguards in place, nothing is ever foolproof, which is the downfall of the digital world.

You can earn vast amounts of money with an online presence. Now, a website is essential when opening a business.  It is how we market ourselves and how we inform others of what we are about.

In addition to websites, social media plays a huge role in marketing.  We rely on Google and Facebook to promote ourselves, and customer satisfaction on these platforms can make or break you.

Traditional methods of earning a revenue stream are by creating an online store.  Many companies use plugins, such as WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, MemberPress, and Shopify to create an online store.

These are relatively easy to get up, but because of the details, they can be time-consuming. The pros and cons of each can be found here.

Other Ways of Generating an Income Online Include the Following:

Selling Photography

Royalty-free stock photos are booming.  Quality photos are in high demand by businesses and individuals for building websites or in marketing materials. 

Photographers simply register with a website, upload their images to the database, and permit others to purchase them, which is a great way to earn passive income as photos can be sold many times.

Consider places such as Shutterstock, Photoshelter, Getty Images, FreePik, and iStock, to name a few.

Create Informative How-To Videos

Over the years, YouTube has grown exponentially.  People tend to gravitate towards how-to videos both on YouTube and Tik Tok.  The best part of YouTube, however, is that you can monetize your channel. 

Monetizing your channel may involve charging subscription fees or initiating password-protected content for paying individuals.  It can be monetized by using Google as well.

To be successful, knowledge of key phrases is a necessity.  To discover them, type the words “How to” followed by your topic into YouTube’s search engine.  Note what phrases it generates, which you can find in the auto-fill dropdown. 

Use the same keywords when writing tags, descriptions, and the video title.

Teach English

 If you can speak English, you are qualified for this job.  This avenue provides for enjoyable employment that you can do from any location.  It also gives you a steady source of revenue.

If you are interested in doing this, you can go to, TeachAway,  and iTutorGroup.

Create a Paying Podcast

We live in an era of self-improvement and self-discovery.  Discover what topic you are an expert at, and then market it.  Make sure it is something that has a broad appeal so that you can capitalize on an audience.

Developing a podcast isn’t complicated and doesn’t require exuberant amounts of cash.  All that you need is a microphone, free recording software, and a laptop/computer.  You may additionally need editing software, too.

Content doesn’t need to be daily.  Short segments once a week are ideal.

You can make money on a podcast by getting a commercial sponsorship, but utilizing advertising platforms is also an option.


Drop-shipping involves investing in an online presence to sell merchandise.  The great part about it is that the user does not have to do shipping or carry inventory.

When customers order, you purchase the goods from a third party.  They, in turn, ship it directly to the consumer, eliminating the need to make purchases in bulk and keep track of inventory.

Platforms like eBay and Amazon are examples of this type of retail method. 

Resume Writing

Millions of individuals are either entering the workforce or changing jobs.  Not everyone is familiar with how to write a proper essay.  Furthermore, not everyone has the time to invest in it.

Most people elect to forego writing the essay themselves.  They would much rather leave it to someone else to craft while they actively search for jobs.

To engage in this, you need extensive knowledge of resume formatting and the skill to tailor the curriculum vitae to the technical terms of various sectors. You also need an excellent grasp of spelling, grammar, and often business linguistics.

Working online has many benefits ranging from working at home, earning passive/active income, to starting a multi-million-dollar enterprise.  These opportunities are becoming more lucrative as we move more to online businesses.

While they come with some challenges, often the pros outweigh the cons.


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