Reasons Why Scams And Frauds Is Getting More Popular In The Past Decade.

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Have you ever been conned online? It happens even to the best of us. One day you receive a great email with an irresistible offer and once you open it, the scam starts. Cybercrime will only get worse as criminals find new ways of scamming people.

Some of causes of scams and frauds

  • The COVID-19, made everybody stay at home and connected to the internet like never before
  • E-commerce business has been increasing nonstop, and that also means more payments online
  • Because of more payments online, digital banking services have been expanding too
  • More consumers mean more victims to Hackers (Scams & Frauds)
  • The hackers have been improving their skills while testing on the wider public and now are more difficult to stop

Most of the scams are still done by phone or messages. That’s why the highest ratings of scams are still be found on Phonecalls and Messages. They are selling fake Lottery, raffles, and other types of scams.

That should not stop you from seeking financial independence online.

With time, I have learned to identify scams. Scammers will call, email, or text and pretend to represent an organization you know. They will then say there is a problem that you need to solve or that they have a gift for you. From there, they pressure you to take immediate action, or you lose your gift or your account. These scammers devise new ways to scam, but they should not worry you. With a bit of coaching and learning on basic online security, you will be good to start your online business.

The rule of thumb is, Never Give Any Information to strangers on email, phone, or text. If they pretend to be an organization whose services you use, visit the organization instead of giving your details.

Read some statistics of the Federal Trade Commission

  • 2020 was an unusual year because of COVID 19 and the economic crisis. Scammers didn’t take any time off — 2020 was a busy year for fraud. In 2020, the FTC got more than 2.2 million reports about fraud, with people telling us they lost nearly $3.3 billion.
  • Online shopping and negative reviews were the second most reported fraud category of 2020. With the pandemic came an increase in online shopping, and then a wave of reports about sellers failing to deliver on promises — or just failing to provide, period. The FTC got more than 350,000 reports, with people telling us they lost a total of more than $245 million, with a median loss of about $100.

The Federal Trade Commission offers simple ways to avoid scams and go on your business online safely.

  • Keep your personal information to yourself
  • Socialize safely online
  • Consider the National Do Not Call Registry
  • Stay away from “guarantees” of scholarships
  • Don’t buy bogus weight loss products
  • Understand credit
  • P2P file-sharing can be risky
  • Travel scams turn summer breaks into summer busts
  • Phishing scams reel in personal information
  • Some employment services are scams

You can read more about how to avoid scams on the Federal Trade Commission page

Most people stall because they are afraid scammers will bring down their online business. Instead of worrying, learn about Online Security and dive into that NEW Business.

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