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Pat Flynn has an exciting story of how he moved from unemployment and piling bills to a millionaire doing online work. His story was already turned into a book, Let Go, which is like a documentary of his journey from a hopeless writer to the millionaire he is today.

I have read so much on Pat Flynn, but one thing stands out; you do not have to be the best to be the most successful. He keeps saying he is not an expert and doesn’t know what he is doing half the time. But that never stopped his success.

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Who is Pat Flynn?

Pat Flynn is a passive income expert. He says he is not an expert in the field, yet he made his first $3 million in six years, creating and monetizing websites. His blogs were not anything unique, and you’d have laughed at his ideas, but he made sure the blogs were up and running and bringing in money.

He covered topics such as green building exams, security guards, and food truck businesses. Most of these websites brought in money, but they were never successful. As he keeps saying, he was not an expert in most of the topics he covered then.

Today, he is known for his business, Smart Passive Income, and he also runs a podcast, which has had more than 10 million downloads.

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How Did Pat Flynn Start

Pat is an architect by profession. Until 2008, he worked full-time as an architect, chasing the elusive corporate ladder and failing at it terribly. In 2008, he was laid off and was out there looking for a job. His first venture online was a website on passing the LEED exam, a common exam for architects. He never knew that his blog would bring in thousands of visitors and that he could earn from it.

He was never into blogging or online business. The website was a step for him to set up an architecture firm, which he also didn’t visualize coming together in less than 30 years. But people said his content was so good that they would pay to read.

The encouragement from people and the traffic his website got motivated him to read more about online business. He reached out to people who were already in the online business and learned as much as he could. In October 2008, he launched his first eBook on how to pass the LEED exam. The book cost $19.99 at the time. In the first month after launching the book, Pat made $7,008.55. This is the figure that changed his view of online work forever.

He was so excited that he could make all that money online, and he wanted to tell everyone how it all happened. So, he created SmartPassiveIncome.com, where he documented the process of making money online. He would tell his audience what works and what doesn’t and how he was trying out different strategies to make more money online.

A year and a half later, he had a huge following that he thought was possible. He decided to try out a podcast and a YouTube channel. He also wanted to experiment with other topics and industries, and that is how he started CreateClickableMap.com, SecurityGuardTrainingHQ.com, and FoodTruckr.com. Thanks to the success of his businesses, Pat now gets invites to speak to the public.

Is Pat an Expert?

Pat was not an expert when he started. In all the businesses he started online, he was ‘just trying things out.’ It worked for him. In an interview he did with Forbes, Pat says that every stage of his life as an entrepreneur was full of doubt and fear. He never visualized being successful as an online entrepreneur, but that hasn’t stopped him from making an eBook and growing to be a speaker who gets invited to do keynote speeches online.

When he started Smart Passive Income, he wanted a platform that taught people how to make money online and live free. Today, his businesses bring in millions of readers, and he gets hundreds of thousands of dollars every month.

He says that through his online business, he has been able to fast-track his life goals, such as owning a home and driving a good car. He also plans to give his money to charity through his company, Pencils of Promise. His idea is to build schools in some of the poor areas in the country to help kids get access to education.

There are multiple times that he wanted to quit before results started streaming in. However, he kept fighting until he is where he is today.

He Only Works a Few Hours Every Day

The good thing about online success is that you can work a few hours and still earn enough to enjoy life. Before that, however, you have to put in the work. Speaking to Forbes, Pat said that he spends most of his days with his family, playing and trying out new recipes. He does most of the work at night, where he does a video or a podcast, depending on the publication schedule.

He works from 8 pm until midnight, or 1 am, and then he is off to bed. He has a team to help him run the businesses, and this has left him enough time with his family. His personal life and his work life were always crossing before the success of his businesses, and he wanted a way to change that.

Through his podcasts, videos, and eBooks, Pat has helped create so many businesses for his audience. He says that his favorite success story is that of Shane and Jocelyn Sams. These two were teachers before they started online businesses. After listening to his podcast, they created the businesses Elementary Librarian and Coachxo.com, which are highly successful today.

Today, he focuses on helping people start businesses online and run them through success.

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