Here’s 10 Weird Ways to Make Money Online Today

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As strange (and admittedly hilarious) as it sounds, people can generate additional revenue in numerous ways online. It takes entrepreneurial skills and out-of-the-box thinking to fill a niche and make passive income.

Some ideas were born from the changing times due to COVID, others out of necessity.  Some are brilliant, while others are downright disgusting.  Yet, someone has to do it!

In considering any venture, approaching it from a sustainability angle. Will you be earning enough money to meet your needs? These are not get-rich-quick schemes.  There is a great deal of hard work involved.  However, if you are creative and driven, you can make some good money.

When registering, utilize your best skills.  Select something you are good at or that you enjoy to make working more fun.

While there are countless ways to make money online, these are the “cleanest” albeit weirdest ways to make money online.

Weird Ways to Generate Income

1. Virtual Babysitting (Makes $16-$90 hourly)

Virtual Babysitting (Makes $16-$90 hourly)

With COVID still being an ever-present reality, parents are feeling the residual effects. Forced to balance at-home work responsibilities with caring for children has left many parents frazzled.  When they are not trying to earn a wage, they are helping their children with remote schoolwork or keeping them entertained.

Parents have been thrust into a world of increased demands and more stress. They are finding it challenging to keep up.

This is where virtual babysitting found its niche.

Some sites, such as VeeBee, offer childcare via video conferencing. Parents enjoy that it employs social distancing.  Their children are safe and entertained, allowing parents to accomplish other things or spend time relaxing.

VeeBee works by having parents book the virtual babysitter.  Then the system sends the video conference information to the parents.  Family members and the virtual babysitter all log into the conference. 

The virtual sitter watches over the children allowing the parents the freedom to accomplish things.  The sitter is paid virtually via Venmo, Zelle, and a variety of other payment gateways.

VeeBee also offers a virtual camp.  Children will learn things ranging from dance to math to reading to yoga.  They can engage in hands-on projects or just learn online.

To become a babysitter, just create your own listing.  VeeBee does not do formal background checks; however, they do interview their sitters.  Sitters are monitored by engaging in opportunities to sit for the owner’s family/friends.  References may be required for some jobs.

Sitters receive $10-$20 per hour.

Sittercity has taken a similar yet different approach.  Some of their sitters are virtual, while others are at home.

This site allows parents to search for a sitter through a portal. Parents begin by posting a job for free.  Their group of sitters applies to the job- usually within two hours.  Then, parents can interview potential candidates.

Candidates are screened, allowing parents to be confident in their selection for a sitter. Sitters have detailed profiles, ratings from previous families, and references. The system allows for secure messaging, background checks, and booking interviews. 

Sitters can select from six categories to earn money: babysitting, nannying, childcare, special needs, senior care, and pet sitting jobs.

2. Virtual Hair Stylist (Pays $30 hourly)

Virtual Hair Stylist

COVID caused many salons to shut down, and most people went months without haircuts. They have two solutions: either deal with it or cut your hair. 

Those who chose to cut their hair either did it well with clippers or made a glorious mess of it!

Recognizing an opportunity, YouProbablyNeedaHaircut.com went into business.  They match people who need a haircut to hairdressers. 

It was an opportunity to fix a need and provide hairdressers with a salary. Hairdressers engage in Zoom calls and teach customers how to cut their hair.  Quick cuts (about 20 minutes) or longer cuts (45 minutes) cost anywhere between $18-$30.

Most of the money goes to the stylist.  Tips can be left as well.  The site itself takes a $3.60 commission off of each haircut.

3. Selling Classical or Old Books on Kindle (Potential to earn $1,300 monthly)

Amazon Kindle Service

Some people make money by using public domain publishing. Public domain publishing involves republishing old literature with expired copyrights, permitting earning passive income each time the version is sold on Amazon or Kindle. 

These classical pieces of literature are free online, yet many shoppers will pay to download them to their devices.

4.  Music Lessons Online

Boy Learning Online Guitar

Online music lessons are a growing need as the internet becomes more available.  Older people love this idea. They can learn at their own pace, and they don’t have to go anywhere, taking lessons from the comfort of their own home.

It is also a valuable resource for parents. No one has to enter their house, so the kids are safe.  They don’t have to drive anywhere because the lessons are online.

The most popular is a video series that demonstrate the basics of how to play an instrument.  People report mastery within a month on average.

There are some virtual teachers as well.

The easiest way to make money has come from recording someone teaching an instrument.  These are mass-marketed and can make some decent residual money without things being time-consuming. People just download it and go. It’s that simple.

5. Online Bridesmaid (Can earn up to $300 per wedding)

Professional bridesmaids are earning good money these days.  Beginning at $300, brides can obtain an individual consultation, and a virtual bridesmaid assists in generating a to-do list, wedding day itinerary, and a budget.

While there are some phone meetings, most business is conducted through texting and email.

6. Wedding Speech Writer ($75 for one speech)

People are going to Fiverr to have wedding speeches written by a professional. All the writer has to do is convey the sentiment and follow guided instructions.

7. Online Research Studies ($1.00 – $350 for a study)

Online Research

Numerous online survey sites pay $1.00-$4.00 just for your opinion.  This is a way to make money; however, it requires a great deal of effort.

People are now making money as respondents.  The first step is to fill out a qualifying survey for the study.  If chosen, participants receive up to $350 per 1–2-hour phone conversation.

The downside is that studies are challenging to qualify for. Most people earn $20.56 per hour.

8. Framing Tweets ($25,000 per month)

This business started in 2017 as a method for individuals to frame their favorite tweets.  Sales were so successful that they now branched into Instagram. The company is making $25,000 monthly from Instagram ads.

9. Mock Online Juror ($1.00 per minute)

OnlineVerdict permits people to become online jurors in their county/federal district. Lawyers post case summaries and verdict questions to the system. They can select from 25-20 jury-eligible people to review the case.

The jury, in turn, provides feedback on the issue.

Reviews take 20-60 minutes to complete.  Time depends on the length of the case summary and the number of attorney questions.  Juror payment is usually between $20-$60.

10. Paid to Come up With Names ($100 and up for winning contests)

Squadhelp allows users to come up with product and business names.  If they choose your name, you get paid.

Prizes begin at $100, although individuals have earned up to $20,000 by using their skills.

Other Ways to Make Money Online

We gave you a list of the most creative ways to earn extra income, but there are traditional methods, too.

Some people earn passive income by affiliate marketing, generating passive income with a business or blog with high traffic.  The downside is fluctuations in money.

Some months are more profitable than others.  People need to be on top of their ads and how long they have been active. Stale ads will not generate income.  Ads need to be relevant, and they need to change according to the time of the year.

Also, with many companies such as Shareasale.com or CJ.com, their affiliates sometimes leave, don’t do regular banner updates, or fall behind in payments, making things challenging for affiliates.  Plus, you have to be approved to participate with some merchants.

You are also dealing with ad blockers which will prevent some users from even seeing the banners in the first place. To do this successfully, you need to know how to market effectively.

Overall, these are fun and creative ways to earn extra cash.  Some have morphed into profitable businesses.  Others are looking to break even.  These are the entrepreneurs who saw a void in the market and turned it into an opportunity.

If you are interested in earning some additional income, there are many opportunities available depending on your talents/background. Most are flexible and permit the individual to work from the comfort of their home.

While it may not yield huge dividends, it will garner passive income.

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